Thursday, January 3, 2013

Style Icon | Ashley Madekwe

If you ever have seen the serie Revenge, you already know this British stylish kameleon. Also you might know here from her blog; Ring My Bell. If you haven't seen both yet, let me introduce you; Ashley Madekwe (6-12-1981).
I am a huge fan of her style, she is really a new Olivia Palermo mixing it up with a younger vibe (and a smile).

In Revenge Ashley plays a character also named Ashley (Davenport) and she is the P.A. of Victoria (the queen B. in mom version I suppose..) I'm not a big fan of the serie, but like to watch it because of the outfits ofcourse!

Playing Ashley Davenport in the hit serie Revenge


With her husband

With Misha Barton


Don't forget to watch the show, or visit the blog Ring My Bell here

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