Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Queens Day!

Finally Queens Day arrived! Since orange is strictly forbidden at our boat today (sorry, not my rule..) I wear a neon pink t-shirt from Forever21 and my new favorite leopard printed jeans (Asos) To still be loyal to the queen I choose to paint my nails the most orange nail polish I could find! Now let's go outside and have a awesome day!!! Can't wait to show you the pictures that will be taken today!


The most orange nail polis I could find! (HEMA)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shoes | Yellow Feet

A while a go I spotted the neon trend, and especially the yellow neon shoes trend. I, of course, could't get left behind with this trend so as soon as Topshop uploaded THE yellow neon pump online they were bought by me! Till this day I haven't wore them outside, because of the bad weather (actually the typical Dutch weather.. snow, ice, rain...) But with the running temperature and the sun that seems to be staying for a while I finally can wear my 'new' beauties outside! In the mean time I have spotted some other yellow neon foot ware, which I haven't bought.. yet..

Shirt; Forever 21 | Jeans; BlueBlood

Shirt; H&M | Jeans; Mango

Photos by Bien

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vogue The Netherlands | May 2012

As promised, here are a couple of pages from the May issue of Vogue The Netherlands. I like this issue a lot, but hey.. I'm an easy crowd when it comes to a magazine with Lara Stone featured ;-)

Wanna see more of Vogue The Netherlands? Go and see

Friday, April 27, 2012

Amsterdam | Mélangetrois

Because SewMe still is a blog about making (your own) clothes I would like to introduce Mélangetrois to you. Mélangetrois is a label by designer duo Fieke Vermeer and Lieselotte Noordover, both graduated from the Utrecht School of The Arts. The characteristics of Mélangetrois are simplicity with an eye for detail. Most items of their collections are, if you take a closer look, made out of one piece, searching for the perfect fit. My friend, Celeste, just got this super cute little bag at their atelier and I really wanted you to see it. Wanna see the rest of te collection? Go and take a look at their website;

Instagram | April 2012 Diary

The end of april is almost near, so time for a quick Instagram flashback. Wanna keep up the next month? Go and follow me on Instagram @WvdBerg

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Style | Queens Day, The Look

It's almost Queens Day! April 30th it's gonna be one big party in every city and little village in The Netherlands, but of course most of all in Amsterdam! It's gonna be one big orange explosion, don't ask my why but that is what we like to do.. To party along and follow the orange tradition, you of course don't have to look like a total fool! So that's why I have searched the net for the most stylish orange outfits, so you can party the whole day.. But in style! I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New In | Forever21

So, actually I didn't wanted to buy any new clothes this month but I guess that's not a good idea when you just started your blog.. Ahum.. Anyhow, I bumped in to some great stuff on (for the not Dutchies, we don't have a Forever21 store in the Netherlands...) and accidently I bought a couple of t-shirts (pink neon and a galaxy/ tiger printed one) and an amazing tiger-faced ring! And the greatest thing, I orderd it yesterday and they already deliverd it today!!

Tiger Ring Forever21 € 7,95

Neon Pink Tee Forever 21 € 10,75

I'm so sorry, but the galaxy/tiger printed top is already sold out!!

Feist | Inside and Out

Love this song, I'm so happy that Feist will come to Lowlands this year!

H&M | Fashion Against Aids

Yet one day left until the new "Fashion Against Aids" collection will be in the stores of H&M (and of course till you can buy the collection online on
I have spotted already many festival 'musthaves', which I definetly wanted to show you! I'm really having trouble choosing among all the great dresses, shorts and fringed gilets.. What are you gonna buy for the good cause?

Dress € 24,95

Shorts € 19,95

Dress € 19,95

Bikini Top € 7,95

Bikini Bottom € 7,95

Dress € 19,95

Halter Top € 24,95

25% of the purchase price will be donated to the prevention of HIV and AIDS.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vogue Netherlands | Cover May 2012

Of course all the Dutch fashionistas already have seen the new cover, by Josh Olins, of the Dutch Vogue published april 26th. But since I've discovered people from all over the whole world read this blog (So much fun!! Thank you!) I wanted to show you our own lovely Lara Stone on the May issue of Vogue The Netherlands. Haven't bought the mag yet, but as from tomorrow I can show you some inside pages!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Style Icon | Barbara Martelo

At the moment I keep on 'bumping in to' Barbara Martelo (meaning, I keep on seeing her online..) And I must say, she is so effortlessly cool! Think; tight jeans, lots of leather, lots of Balmain and of course Isabel Marant.
Barbara Martelo, born in Madrid, started her fashion career as a stylist at TEVLA magazine. Now a days she works as a freelance stylist (for Spanish Vogue, Vanity Fair and Spanish leading newspaper "El Pais"), but before her freelance days she was on the team of Vogue Spain. She also works as a consultant for designers (haven't found anything about that further, but based on the looks I keep on 'seeing' her in, it must be Balmain..) and stores as Ekseption.
Not only is she very pretty and makes you want to steal her whole closet, she's also 'muy inteligente'. Martelo graduated in law at the Universidad Pontficia in Madrid! You will hear lot's of this stylist, and I can't wait!

Wanna follow Barbra Martelo?

Monday Morning Music

Goodmorning, having a bit trouble waking up? The Kings of Inconvenience is great music for your monday morning. Have a nice day!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Afternoon: The Look

The party yesterday was much fun and the dress a big success. As usual, the day after is a bit laid-back and relaxing. I've put together a "sunday-afternoon" look with todays fashion essentials for an easy yet fashionable day to spend in the early spring-sun in the city or just at home. Have a nice sunday!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Result: The Roman Theme Dress For De Nachtspelen

So, the dress for 'De Nachtspelen' tonight is finished and I'm ready to show you all! Turned out pretty great right?

Pictures taken by the boyfriend.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Isabel Marant SS12

Love this small interview with Isabel Marant herself!

The prints

I haven't even showed you the Roman theme dress yet (it will be in tommorrows blog!!), but I've already got new plans to make a new dress, which I (of course) wanna begin with immediatly. It's just that I totally get inspired by seeing all those full colored printed dresses, worn by Olivia Palermo, Caroline Centenera, hanging in the stores and seeing all over the internet (thanks Miss Selfridge for my new obession..) It's makes you to want it to be summer right NOW (instead of the 10 degrees outside currently, including raining all day). So, dear weather-god: Meaby.. when I finish this dress with the printed fabric.. Can we get summer then?

the new fabric

Queen of the prints; Olivia Palermo


Miss Selfridge

Elisa Nalin

Miss Selfridge

Diane von Furstenberg


Christine Centenera