Friday, April 20, 2012

The prints

I haven't even showed you the Roman theme dress yet (it will be in tommorrows blog!!), but I've already got new plans to make a new dress, which I (of course) wanna begin with immediatly. It's just that I totally get inspired by seeing all those full colored printed dresses, worn by Olivia Palermo, Caroline Centenera, hanging in the stores and seeing all over the internet (thanks Miss Selfridge for my new obession..) It's makes you to want it to be summer right NOW (instead of the 10 degrees outside currently, including raining all day). So, dear weather-god: Meaby.. when I finish this dress with the printed fabric.. Can we get summer then?

the new fabric

Queen of the prints; Olivia Palermo


Miss Selfridge

Elisa Nalin

Miss Selfridge

Diane von Furstenberg


Christine Centenera

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