Friday, April 13, 2012

Making the perfect dress for 776 bf(f). Chr.!

Every summer and every winter there are theme parties in Amsterdam called De Nachtspelen (the NightGames, check, a bit based on the Olympics because they are 'sports-theme' parties. Anyhow, difficult to explain.. My friends and I usually go and the last couple of times we've created our own outfits. This year we choose to buy/make/create our own outfits (so not making them together anymore), which results in me making my own dress. This summers theme is 'the first Olympics, 776 bf. Chr.'.. So, think a bit Rome, draped dresses, white and of course - it's still a party - glitters, neon and lot's of gold!
Follow me while making the perfect Olympic Party Glitter Draped Dress.. Wow!

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