Friday, June 29, 2012

Obsession | Festival Kimono

The last couple of days it seems I am a bit obsessed by the kimono.. With Lowlands coming up I would love to have a cool kind-a-like-Nicole-Richie-cool kimono for the late summer evenings during the festival for the bohemian touch. Though, meaby it is much more cooler to make my own one? What do you think?

So cute!

Topshop 39 Pounds

Glamorous by EUR 54,30

 EUR 42,76

Winter Kate

 Western Fringe USD 78,-

The Queen of the kimono's; Nicole Richie

Or shall I make one myself? Keep you posted!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Contest | Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2012

I'm thinking about entering this Specsavers contest ( where they are searching for the newest 'Spectacle Wearer of the Year'. First price? A trip to New York! Now, you may have never seen pictures of me with my glasses, but I can tell you. I am a 100% blind one without an optic aid. (-4.75 said enough?). But for entering the competition I need new photo's (last ones were taken when I was 12?) so did some searching on the net for some inspiration.. New York here I come?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Love Need Want | IBIZA edition

Going to Ibiza next week! Can't wait to get me some sun and visit the beach with my friends and party till the late night hours :-) Of course some serious shopping needs to be done, before I am Ibiza proof. Already found some great stuff, meaby I need to book some extra luggage space in the plain?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trend | Cats

I guess it started with Miuccia Prada’s SS10 collection for Miu Miu when I started to see all these adorable cats on blouses, skirts, shoes and dresses. Then Victoria Beckham launched here new 'Victoria by Victoria Beckhame' line for fall/ winter 2011-2012 and it seems that the cat trend is here to stay! Still spotting all kind of cat prints in stores, like this super cute blouse at Zara. What do you think, do you already have a cat in the closet? Miauw!

Miu Miu SS10

Victoria By Victoria Beckham

Spotted in Victoria's cats; Katy Perry

Elle US, January 2012

Lulu&Co cat print maxi skirt (by EUR 380,10

Zara, cat print top EUR 25,95

Zara, cat print top EUR 25,95

And of course, how could I resist..

Monday, June 4, 2012

Selfmade | The Tulip Skirt

A while a go, let's say in April (sorry, I am the worst blogger..) I told you about my new project, actually.. I told you about the new fabric I bought; The Prints. Unfortunately, although I already ordered and paid for the fabric, the fabric was no longer available for delivery. So.. I had to find a new fabric with a print as cool as the other. Eventually I found a silk fabric at the Albert Cuyp Market with a purple/yellow/green print with a poppy flower on it! I decided to make an tulip skirt out of it, and that toke me some time to finish. Not because the pattern was difficult, but with summer coming up and the nice weather outside it sometimes takes a bit of an effort to sit behind the sewing machine ;-) But almost a month later I finally finished the skirt and I must say that this might be one of the pieces that turned out best! Proud :-)
On to the next project!

First step, looking for a pattern to go with your fabric

Second base, drawing your pattern on paper.. (boooooring..)

Third base, putting the paper on the fabric and then.. cutting the fabric (exciting!)

Und jetzt, the result!

Oh, and many thanks to my personal assistant!

The pattern is from Burda, the September 2010 issue. See for more Burda patterns;

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Private | Flea Market Time!

Once a few years I come to the conclusion that my closet might be a bit overcrowded.. Whoops! Time to take some action, and clean the monster! As soon as I made the selection of 'stay' 'throw away' and 'might be useful for what-ever-the-occasion-might-be', (you figure which pile was the largest) I decided to go with my most beautiful old clothes to the flea market to sell them. Once every month you've got a flea market in Amsterdam North 'the IJ-hallen' and last saturday it was my turn (actually our turn, I went there with my friend Celeste) to sell our clothes and make some money. I had a lot of fun, sold a lot of clothes to lots of cool girls and (not entirety unimportant) made a great final yield! It's for sure an recommendation! Oh, I wanted to make some pictures at the market with my new camera.. but uhmmm.. the battery was low! So sorry!!

First thing to do; Cleaning the Closet!

What do you think, still enough clothes?

Wearing a neon colored aztec New Look blazer, with a neon orange Forever21 t-shirt and a yellow neon Asos belt

Oh, and of course we had to celebrate the yield ;-) With The Boyfriend drinking some wines and beers!

Photo's by Celeste and myself!