Monday, June 4, 2012

Selfmade | The Tulip Skirt

A while a go, let's say in April (sorry, I am the worst blogger..) I told you about my new project, actually.. I told you about the new fabric I bought; The Prints. Unfortunately, although I already ordered and paid for the fabric, the fabric was no longer available for delivery. So.. I had to find a new fabric with a print as cool as the other. Eventually I found a silk fabric at the Albert Cuyp Market with a purple/yellow/green print with a poppy flower on it! I decided to make an tulip skirt out of it, and that toke me some time to finish. Not because the pattern was difficult, but with summer coming up and the nice weather outside it sometimes takes a bit of an effort to sit behind the sewing machine ;-) But almost a month later I finally finished the skirt and I must say that this might be one of the pieces that turned out best! Proud :-)
On to the next project!

First step, looking for a pattern to go with your fabric

Second base, drawing your pattern on paper.. (boooooring..)

Third base, putting the paper on the fabric and then.. cutting the fabric (exciting!)

Und jetzt, the result!

Oh, and many thanks to my personal assistant!

The pattern is from Burda, the September 2010 issue. See for more Burda patterns;

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