Sunday, June 3, 2012

Private | Flea Market Time!

Once a few years I come to the conclusion that my closet might be a bit overcrowded.. Whoops! Time to take some action, and clean the monster! As soon as I made the selection of 'stay' 'throw away' and 'might be useful for what-ever-the-occasion-might-be', (you figure which pile was the largest) I decided to go with my most beautiful old clothes to the flea market to sell them. Once every month you've got a flea market in Amsterdam North 'the IJ-hallen' and last saturday it was my turn (actually our turn, I went there with my friend Celeste) to sell our clothes and make some money. I had a lot of fun, sold a lot of clothes to lots of cool girls and (not entirety unimportant) made a great final yield! It's for sure an recommendation! Oh, I wanted to make some pictures at the market with my new camera.. but uhmmm.. the battery was low! So sorry!!

First thing to do; Cleaning the Closet!

What do you think, still enough clothes?

Wearing a neon colored aztec New Look blazer, with a neon orange Forever21 t-shirt and a yellow neon Asos belt

Oh, and of course we had to celebrate the yield ;-) With The Boyfriend drinking some wines and beers!

Photo's by Celeste and myself!

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