Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fashion | Cut it Out!

Okay, with the outside temperature (-1 in Amsterdam) it's meaby not the ideal topic. But I wanted to discuss the cut-out trend with you. Be carefull, it's not a trend any one randomly can try at home (remember Kim Kardashian - if not, I won't scare you with the picture. If you must, just Google it but I have warned you).
But with a bit of care and creativity, it can be so damn sexy! Meaby because of the snow outside, I'm being a bit rebellic and dreaming about the cut-out trend. Because, when the sun starts shining.. be ready.. I already picket out my favorite cut-out! For now.. I need to cut-it-out!

Hot mama Nicole Richie

Asos black cut-out flannel dress € 62,51, to buy here

Miss Selfridge cut-out velvet dress (one of my favorites..) € 60,- To buy here

Asos sequined cut-out playsuit, € 90,- to buy here

Pretty cut-out dress

Asos cut-out skater dress € 48,62 (favorite #2) to buy here

Gwyneth Paltrow in a Michael Kors cut-out

Topshop cut-out dress € 59,- to buy here

Kate Bosworth in Altuzarra

Victoria Beckham collection

Leighton Meester

Okay, it's not fair.. Karlie Kloss and model friends for Michael Kors (spring 2012)

Ah, my own cut-out from Mango. Sorry, it's sold out!

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