Wednesday, January 2, 2013



May all your wishes come true in 2013, make it a good one! Did you have a fun party with new years eve? I had a blast, with the boyfriend and the family in Düsseldorf. They know how to throw a party over there ;-) Since it was a last minute decision to go to Germany and I didn't knew the dresscode was 'long' for the girls, I had a bit of an nervous breakdown a couple of days before.. But thank God for SALE season ;-)
I found myself a velvet maxi dress @Mango, I was so happy with this one!!
What did you wear??

Karlie Kloss wearing my dress ;-)

Isn't she pretty?


Such a cute New Year's eve dress

This might be my next New Years eve dress ;-)

Have fun with your loved ones in 2013!

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