Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New obsession; Faux fur coat

We'll okay, let's do just one blog for old time sake ;-) I recently developed a new obsession; the faux fur coat. Specifically the black faux fur coat. After a couple of weeks searching for the perfect one online, I finally found my black faux fur coat. How I love the other colors, I attempt to wear all black in the winter. So a black coat seemed a logic choice. What do you think about my new beloved coat (which I still need to receive, so my own picture will follow somewhere next year..)

The black textured long fur coat from Dorothy Perkins, to buy here

So pretty!

Emmanuelle Alt, of course..

Green faux fur - so cool!

I spotted this girl on several pictures online, does anyone knows who this is?
Her style is amazing!

Blue faux (?) fur

Meaby Leigh Lezark is the only one who can pull this one off ;-)

Like this style a lot!


Wearing a faux fur with your BFF

A picture from last year, but this coat... NEED!!

Mixing your red lips with a white faux fur

Too comfy this coat, you can buy it here

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