Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outfit Stress | Part One (The Wedding)

I am so stressed at this moment, in search of the (no THE) perfect clutch to go with my dress for comming saturday. The occassion? My friend Helena's wedding!! I am beyond excited, but stressed though ;-) I definitely could use your help, so may you have any time left, please don't hesitate to send my your favorite clutch to go with my dress! Thank you!!

First things first; the dress! Mango 'Disco' Dress EUR 109,95

Love the back line of this dress!

I love this ZARA clutch, but maybe EUR 59,95 is a but much for a single-using clutch?

I like to get me a pink Asos clutch (EUR 24,89) as well, but still.. the first one is just a better clutch for the dress.. Right?

This ZARA clutch is also quite a cute option.. And it's in sale for EUR 29,95!

So, this will be the ultimate choice to go with the dress.. One problem, can't find it anymore online.. AARGHHH!! Found it on Fashiolista though..

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